Blue Carrot Catering is also committed to reducing the impact on the environment with our activities. We recycle our waste, and where it is food safe encourage our suppliers to deliver in recycled cartons.

We are very conscious of our carbon footprint and take a lot of time to ensure our delivery vehicles are used to a minimum and are on the most fuel efficient runs. We use white ceramic platters to carry our food, which are picked up from our clients the following day, washed and reused. If customers request disposable products, we offer biodegradable products. When we cannot reuse plastic and glass containers, we recycle our plastic, tin, glass and paper waste. We separate our waste and it is managed sustainably.

We have an efficient use of power, water and office products. We do not print documents unless necessary, and waste paper is shredded and recycled. We buy local produce from local suppliers wherever possible and employ local staff and support the local economy.